Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Invitation to participation in international project


Parallel lines, parallels don’t cross, they merge, match and coincide
They merge by thoughts, by the motion of the soul and knowledge of subject 
Nothing is new in this life
Nobody is first in life
Adam- not counting
Nothing is important in this life until IT (something) that isn’t getting status of
There is no significance to talk about something that is better than something else, it is
better to tell, and yet even better to show how!
Ideas are in the air
Ideas- Parallels
This is our project and it comes out in this  
Alexander Ocheretyansky  Oct. 2014


All works will be publicised on the blog: http://parallels2000.blogspot.ru/

Documentation of participation including certificates, a catalogue and a participant list will be sent to all participants after the exhibition in pdf format.

Printed documentation will be available depending on the sponsors.

All participants will receive links to online documentation and exhibition archive.
Participation: Free. 
Everyone is welcome to take part in the project.

Technique: free (photography, painting, drawing, computer graphics, etching, collage, artistamps, rubber stamps, mixed techniques, 3D objects, box of art, video, audio, prose, poetry etc).
No organic materials, such as food, plants, etc.

Size: Free
On the back of the work, please write: the title of your work, your full name, country, postal address, e-mail.

No jury, No fee, No sale, No return

Deadline: no

Exhibitions will be held in Novosibirsk (Russia/Siberia) in 2015 - 2017.

Please send your works to the following address:

c/o Alexander Limarev
Do vostrebovania
or e-mail: s-hybrid@mail.ru

For more information please contact: s-hybrid@mail.ru

The organizers will be grateful for spreading this information.

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  1. Saludos Alexander… se puede enviar solo la imagen via e-mail?

    Greetings Alexander... you can send only the image via email?

    Mi inglés es pobre… quiero decir que yo hago el trabajo…. y te mando la imagen por el e-mail…. es válido? ustedes la imprimen para la exposición? O hay que mandar la obra por envio postal?

    My English is poor... I want to say that I do work... and I send the image by e-mail... is valid? you print it for the exhibition? Or is there to send the work by post?

    Yo puedo invitar a otros artistas de Centro América y Panamá?

    Can I invite other artists from Central America and Panama?